Does High Blood Pressure Run In Your Family?

For most of us, our genetics are far from perfect. With our busy schedules and constant distractions it’s next to impossible to maintain a lifestyle of perfect nutrition. As a result our cholesterol, blood pressure, and overall energy are far from perfect.

Learn How Your Body Can Work for You!

L-citrulline along with L-arginine, two key ingredients within the L-arginine Plus formula, are known to help the body create Nitric Oxide. A molecule that has that has garnered a lot of attention over the past two decades as a result of research that has shown that this molecule expands blood vessels and relaxes them, improving blood pressure, cholesterol, and energy levels. This breakthrough discovery earned three doctors the Nobel Prize.

The results have been almost immediate & most important (to me), DRAMATIC.

My wife Tomala has suffered from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and bad cholesterol.

Her blood pressure numbers have been hovering in the high 200′s/high 90′s. Her Blood Sugar numbers are between 200 & 180′s & her bad LDL’s have been, well, BAD!

Tomala is just starting her 3rd month of L-Arginine Plus and the results have been almost immediate & most important (to me), DRAMATIC.

-Michael, California
L-arginine Customer