L-Citrulline Benefits

L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is produced naturally by the body. The amino acid plays a role in the metabolic processes by balancing nitrogen and detoxifying ammonia. L-citrulline is fundamental in proper functioning of the urea cycle and liver detoxification. It is found primarily in the body in the liver. L-citrulline is produced by the mitochondria in cells and eventually converted to another amino acid l-arginine, which also holds many valuable health benefits to the body.

Now what are some of the benefits of l-citrulline? L-citrulline is a crucial part in the removal of ammonia from the bloodstream. Ammonia is harmful to the body and damages cells, and l-citrulline works to convert ammonia to urine. Other benefits may include improved nitrogen balance, increased energy, stimulation of muscle protein synthesis, proper immune system function, prolonged muscle endurance, increased nitric oxide production, and more. There are no side effects to l-citrulline supplements. L-citrulline is found primarily in protein-rich foods, and also in high concentrations in watermelon.

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